Thursday, March 29, 2007

gone fission, again

enjoy yerselves, and I'll see ya when i return, hopefully with some trout.

thanks to whoever can fill in for me while i'm awol.

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LeeB said...

A tidbit from Kax (her computer is resisting this new format on Blogger so she emailed this to me to post for her) . . .


As sent to Keith Olbermann at Countdown:


My right to make personal use of anything which occurs in nature is GOD-Given, not STATE-Given,

Therefore, the Federal government is in violation of my inalienable right to plant any seed that God made, and to harvest it's fruits for my benefit.

The Federal government is in violation of this right and my Constitutionally guaranteed right to privacy in my garden, my teapot or my pipe.

As the current law stands, I am free to kill myself with tobacco. distilled alcohol, and various manufactured pharmaceuticals, but if I cannot prove that marijuana can cure cancer, I can be deprived of my liberty and property - for planting the wrong seed, basically.

So much for one nation UNDER God. Apparently some cigar smoking, brandy snifting bureaucrats thought they knew better than God and ran around criminalizing certain plants, and, some could say, conspired with the pharmaceutical industry to monopolize plants with psychoactive ingredients.

The current PR theme seems to be that if we have a medical need, we can pay for a prescription for synthetic marijauna, but God-forbid we should use it in the form that God made. I think not.

Rights, like muscles, need to be exercised or they atrophy. I consider it my civic duty to preserve and protect my inalienable rights. To co-operate with a violation of my Constitutional rights would be to consent to the violation.

No. When I say "One nation, UNDER God," I mean it.

Kathleen Grasso Andersen
New London, CT.