Thursday, March 29, 2007

The honeymoon's over (guest post by Uranus)


"Sean-Paul Kelley notes that King Abdullah, the source of all that is black and viscous in our life, may be tiring of our games:

"I noted two related stories this morn, one in the NYT and one in WaPo that I think are big time indicators with big time negative repercussions for BushCo. In the NYT, we learn Saudi King Abdullah has publicly condemned the US occupation of Iraq
in this story.

"'In beloved Iraq, blood flows between brothers in the shadow of illegitimate foreign occupation and hateful sectarianism, threatening a civil war,' he (Abdullah) added.

"Jim Hoagland’s column in WaPo says Abdullah cancelled a state dinner to be held in his honor at the White House in April. Find it

"Abdullah's bowing out of the April 17 event is, in fact, one more warning sign that the Bush administration's downward spiral at home is undermining its ability to achieve its policy objectives abroad.

"It looks to me like the Saudis are turning their back on Bush, Rice, Cheney and the US and, if I’m not mistaken, turning your back on someone is a total insult in Arab culture. This seems to be a really big development to me."


"It sure looks like Dick has lost control of his one-man foriegn policy shop. And frankly, if he pisses of the Saudis sufficiently to drive them into alliance with the Iranians, the repercussions will go far further than just this Administration."
I agree. These guys have everything to say about the future of America's misadventures in the Middle East.

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Have a big time, Luke. I'll attempt to point out some delicious tidbits while you're out. Having done my fundamental news reading today, I thought it's all becoming a blur which is eating my soul. So hurry back. And photograph some of those fish if you get a chance, we want to see 'em.