Wednesday, March 21, 2007

KTM in Oz

Kill The Messenger to be shown here in Australia next Tuesday on SBS.
This documentary reveals how a foreign spy ring with links to Al-Qaeda has been discovered working within the FBI. Sibel Edmonds began work at the FBI translating wire taps in an investigation into a foreign spy ring operating in the US. She became suspicious of her colleagues after discovering some mistranslations and was then invited to join the spy ring which had evidently infiltrated the FBI itself. She went straight to her bosses and rather than being hailed as a hero she was promptly sacked. After going public on 60 Minutes she has been officially gagged. (From France, in English and French with English subtitles) (Documentary)
This is the 60 Minute version, in French/English.


Uncle $cam said...

excellent, hope it gets the ol' bit torrent viral marketing job...and spread all over.
bravo! and thanks for the heads up!

lukery said...

for various reasons i can't endorse that... but information wants to be free and all that :-)

i haven't seen the 60mins version - it'll be interesting to see what they exclude.

oh - and ftr - sibel thought that the description that SBS used was "Yuk - sensationalized"