Wednesday, March 21, 2007

only the last sentence is a joke

* josh:
'Gotta love this. The White House will allow Rove and Miers to testify about the US Attorney Purge. But they can't be under oath. It has to be behind closed doors and no transcript can be kept.

And probably the whole thing has to take place at an undisclosed location and the senators have to wear blindfolds.

Regrettably, only the last sentence is a joke."
* glenn:
"In 1998, when Bill Clinton invoked it, "executive privilege" was nothing more than a cynical means to block Americans from learning the truth about scandal and keeping the President above the law. In 2007, when George Bush invokes it, it will be a doctrine of the gravest importance and steeped in our most cherished traditions and must be defended at all costs in order to preserve the Power and Honor of the Presidency."
* thebhc:
"Check out the latest at TMPMuckraker for all things Gonzales. Is it just me or have the days of John Ashcroft, with his personal need to cover up the boobs of statues and addle-brained focus on third trimester abortions, started to look adorably nutty?"
* my interview with Charles Goyette can be downloaded here (13 mins)

* stirling shreds hitchens. easy, but fun.


calipendence said...

Earlier this year we were talking on how Battlestar Galactica has had some incredible political references to what is going on now, especially with the opening of this season.

Did anyone catch Sunday night's episode where the prosecutor for Gaius Baltar puts out these lines? I would have a hard time believing that this episode would be written and shot before January 12th!

From this article the following text:

"The scene starts out zooming in on the Colonial One, before switching inside, to show the president's aide reporting, "Baltar was instrumental in the Cylon attack on the colonies.", as she hands some documents to the prosecutor, then continues, "The president wants him charged with genocide." The prosecutor replies, "I can't make it stick. There's no evidence of his involvement.", but the president's aide interrupts her with, "The president saw him, with one of the Sixes on Caprica ...before the attack." The prosecutor is offended, so she asks, "You really want me to put Laura Roslin on the stand to testify about her drug induced visions?" The president's aide replies, "What we want, is for you to do your job and convict him. If you can't do that, we'll find someone who will." The prosecutor replies, "This is a courtesy meeting, not a strategy session. I am charging Baltar, with what I can prove. Of course, I serve at the pleasure of the president and if SHE decides to replace me, I'm sure there are other lawyers willing to take up the case. If there ARE any other lawyers.", as she confidently leaves the room."

I had a good chuckle after hearing that!

lukery said...

that's great :-)