Monday, April 16, 2007

AIPAC: epicentre of the war party

* superscott horton interviewed phil giraldi. giraldi:
"i would say that the epicentre of the war party right now is aipac"
* emptywheel has been blogging up a storm. ew:
"I'm getting the feeling that Schumer has been preparing as diligently as Gonzales for the last two weeks."
* more ew:
"Here's my spin on it. Republicans on Capitol Hill are getting nervous, because they remember that Rove's promises during the last election weren't worth the forged Niger letters they were written on. And they want some kind of promises that, if they stay loyal to the party, they'll be allowed to run the full-fledged racist attacks they believe will win them the next election. So BushCo, trying to stave off increasing irrelevance, has left Rove at home to dream about his permanent majorities, while someone else coaxes Congressional Republicans to stay on board.

It's not Democratic demands that Rove be subpoenaed that got Rove uninvited. It's Bush's own desperation to keep a bunch of people who want to demonize brown people in his back pocket that got Rove uninvited."

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Miguel said...

"i would say that the epicentre of the war party right now is aipac"
I slightly disagree with our friends at on AIPAC. While I believe AIPAC ranks in the top 10 lobbies in America, I don't believe they are as powerful as the military-industrial complex lobby or the oil lobby. At the end of the day, I believe AIPAC does not have the power on its own to get the U.S. in a war. My hope is that the oil lobby will see it not in their business interests to get in a war with Iran and that the MIC will at least stay on the sidelines.

Or maybe I'm being naive!