Monday, April 16, 2007

three drastically different punishments

* Jesse Radack:
"BREAKING NEWS: John Walker Lindh's parents are renewing their request for clemency. I would remiss if I did not comment here about it as I'm being asked for comment on public radio. Here is my take: Three men did the same thing and got three drastically different punishments.

John Walker Lindh-serving 20 years in jail.
David Hicks-will serve 9 months (does not include 5+ years in Gitmo)
Yaser Hamdi-set free to Saudia Arabia


If the point of punishment is supposed to be proportionality, the world can see why this is so problematic."

* and I hope you caught Mike Mejia's article on Jesse Radack.

* athenae:
"After a certain point you do have to start saying to yourself, "If there's no basis for the story I've been telling myself in my head, my insistence on sticking to that story makes me a solipsistic asshole." Occam's Razor does make the simplest thing in the world to believe you're going crazy, and it's not exactly out of the realm of possibility that the sinking feeling in your stomach does mean something's amiss, but again. We have more access to information from more sources than at any other time in our history and if you still can't find anything to substantiate your inherent belligerent crapola, it's time for a mental regime change already."
* delong:
"If you had asked me six years ago if Paul Wolfowitz was the kind of person who would tell the head of HR to give his girlfriend a $50K raise, I would have said yes.
* i wanted to highlight this from stanton:
"Second, Ms Edmonds must have stumbled upon the payola racket that Turkey had been running and there were so many big US names involved in so many high places that to air that laundry would damage US credibility not so much abroad, as right here in the USA. Imagine one one news day FMOCs, active members of the US Congress, US military personnel, US State Department people, US Justice Department folks all get nailed for being in on the Turkish gig or at least knowing about it. And what could be worse than the FBI, DEA and CIA knowing about it? Foreign intelligence agencies, of course."
* chicago dyke, fan of this blog, interviewed *gasp* helen thomas. congratulations, CD.
"Asked about the differences between this administration and previous ones when it comes to press relations, Ms. Thomas nails it: “secrecy.” “Every president wants secrecy,” she relates. But this administration wants untold amounts, something Ms. Thomas doesn’t believe they need, or that the press should let them have. But the Bush administration’s unwillingness to be open makes it “more difficult” on reporters today. Ms. Thomas also says that the press needs whistleblowers and insiders to come forward with information, something that isn’t as common to this administration. Little wonder Bush values loyalty in his employees above all else. Ms. Thomas laments that there are “unknown motives” at play in the White House, and more damning is her estimation of why they are so secret: because their hidden motivations for policy would be “unacceptable” if made clear to the public."
imagine if helen was interested in sibel...


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