Monday, April 16, 2007


GOP Voting Integrity

by digby

...a contradiction in terms.

With the news from Steve Benen coming out of Wisconsin and from Christy about Minnesota, regarding a couple more of those "Good Bushies" in the Justice Department, I thought it might be a good time to bring up a little something I found the other day on the blog Wot Is It Good 4. A commenter there pointed to this very interesting paper (pdf) presented to the Center For Voting Rights just before the 2004 election on the issue of voter suppression.

I was surprised to see that the Republican National Lawyers Association (where Rove delivered his speech last spring in which, among other things, he mentioned as "problems" those states from which the targeted US Attorneys hail) was pretty much formed for the express and exclusive purpose of training and deploying lawyers on matters of purported voter fraud (aka minority vote suppression.) Neither did I know before that they played a pivotal role in the Florida Recount.

The report gives the history of minority voter suppression in America (a very ugly story) and brings it right up to the 1980's, particularly the huge voter registration effort in the black community by the Jesse Jackson campaign which apparently scared the bejeezuz out of the Republicans
heh. apparently digby hangs out in the comments here. (the commenter was the fabulous starroute)


starroute said...

Hey, nice to have gotten that one out into the bloggish mainstream. I can only hope it keeps going.

Now if it would just stop snowing...

lukery said...

starroute -i presume yuo saw digby's whole post - she gave it a heap of attention. great job.

i can't do much about your snowing, but can report that it's 10 degrees above avg here :-)