Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Richard Perle. Dead or live, online

Perle was liveonline at wapo:
Fort Myers, Fla.: Mr. Perle, are you a registered lobbyist or foreign agent, and which defense contractors do you presently work for? Thank you.

Richard Perle: I do not lobby for anyone and I am not working for defense contractors. And what do you do?

Perle then refers to Tenet as "George Tenant"

"College Park, Md.: You, the administration and many others in the government have totally misinterpreted the nature of terrorism. There always are sociopaths who will look for ways to kill as many people as they could. Governments never can do a lot about it. Terrorism roots in political injustice, and until you address the injustice, you never can defeat people who want blow themselves up for a political cause.

Richard Perle: There is injustice everywhere, certainly among Arab dictatorships. Since we cannot hope to end all injustice, shouldn't we try to devise the means to protect our country against suicidal fanatics with horrible weapons? What seems to me to be new is the deep ideological commitment of people who believe they are buying a ticket to paradise if they kill enough of us."
"Dunkirk, Md.: The cost in American lives, treasure, and moral authority around the globe is just too great to continue to be Israel's agent in the Middle East. When even a former U.S. president is attacked for speaking truth to power it's clear this self-destructive path must end.

Richard Perle: Israel's agent? What does that slander mean? If you have ideas, present them."
FTR, here's Giraldi in KTM:
"Richard Perle is very well known to the intelligence community. And I’d suspect that most people in the intelligence community who know about him and his story would say that basically he is an agent of influence for the State of Israel."
Slander? Let the lawsuits begin.

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