Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sex and the CIA / FBI

* Ken Silverstein:
"So when does sex become a security problem? The CIA conducts background checks and administers periodic polygraph tests to try to ferret out anything that might make undercover officers vulnerable to blackmail. Until the mid-1990s, homosexuality was considered an immediate cause for dismissal. And “close and continuing contact with a foreign national,” a euphemism for a sexual relationship, was deemed to be another major vulnerability."
Read the rest - it's about sex, blackmail, and Dusty Foggo etc. Of course, it's not just the CIA, and not just undercover officers.

Sibel's co-worker at the FBI, Turkish agent Melek Can Dickerson, was shagging their boss, Mike Feghali. Both were married of course - Dickerson to high-ranking Pentagon official (and spy) AF Major Douglas Dickerson, and Feghali to the NSA translator who translated "Tomorrow is zero hour" on September 12.

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