Saturday, May 12, 2007

impeachment polling story

* Rawstory, Cliff, and Digby pick up the latest impeachment polling story saying that 40% want potus and vpotus removed from office.

* amy:
"Toll in U.S. Bombing of Afghan Village Could Reach 80
The civilian death toll from the U.S. bombing of a village in Afghanistan this week could be nearly four times the official figure of twenty-one. The New York Times reports residents of the Sarwan Qala village are claiming as many as eighty civilians were killed in the attack. At least three houses were destroyed. Most victims identified so far are women and children.

* amy:
Iraqi Lawmakers Back Draft Bill for Withdrawal Timetable
A majority of Iraqi lawmakers have approved a draft bill calling for a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops and a freeze on current troop levels. The measure would require Iraqi leaders to seek parliamentary approval for any extension of foreign troops when the UN mandate expires this year. At least one-hundred thirty eight of Iraq’s two-hundred-seventy-five member parliament have signed on.

* amy:
CBS Fires Iraq General for Anti-War Ad
In media news, CBS has dismissed an Iraq war veteran over his involvement in an ad campaign criticizing the war. General John Batiste appears in an ad from the group VoteVets dot org. Batiste has been working as a CBS News consultant.
see Batiste on Olbermann here

* Legal TImes, via Laura:
"Neil Livingstone has been the voice of Global Options since he founded the corporate strategy group in 1997 to advise companies and business leaders on industrial espionage, internal investigations, and hostage recovery. But Livingstone's January exit from the company has devolved into a bitter battle in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Global Options sued Livingstone in March, saying he violated his severance agreement by soliciting clients for his D.C. startup, ExecutiveAction. The solicitations, Global Options lawyer Brian Shaunnessy said in court papers, defamed his client by claiming its recent listing as a publicly traded entity created "constraints."

Livingstone fired back in court filings last week, saying his separation came after "more than a year long deterioration" of his relationship with executive Harvey Schiller "over significant differences about the direction of management." Livingstone claims that in lieu of a severance package, both sides agreed he "would proceed to open a new firm," according to court papers filed by his lawyer, Richard Heideman of Heideman Nudelman & Kalik."

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«—U®Anu§—» said...

Impeachment: 40% is strong. This is the first serious talk about impeachment. As the discussion carries on in days and weeks to come, watch that number grow.

Body counts: I've read many, many statements from civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq claiming the American death count is short by three to 10 times, and I continue to wonder how many soldiers we've lost, and how many people perished in hurricane Katrina. I strongly believe it is many more than the government admits.

I've turned my reading to attempting to learn about the contentious issue of shooting domestic felines, so I haven't been reading current events as much. You're doing great, Luke. I wrote to our local paper tonight about it, and am about to do a few other things. I think I've uncovered a second shooter. That's how bad the overpopulation problem has been. These people have exterminated almost all the cats in this community. Others know who they are but won't divulge their names. It gets more interesting everyday.