Sunday, June 03, 2007

an apology

Yesterday I did something very stupid, and I linked to something that, rightfully, caused a lot of offence.

I asked the author of the video to pull it down, they agreed, and sent me this message:
The video is down. Too bad, I received a bunch of inquiries and phone calls from friends asking me who she is. I'd tried telling them before about her but nobody seemed to care. Suddenly, mix her story with pop culture crap and people open their eyes - go figure. Maybe it has something to do with how their brains have been re-wired over the last bunch of years with all the crap they watch on tv. Oh well, please pass on my apologies... and, please, tell her my intentions were sincere. I'll try to figure out another way to get people to open up to her case.
I understood that this was the intention behind the video, and I saw the video in that context. It is a common at youtube to use trashy 'pop culture' to bring attention to an issue in this way, and it is understood that there is no link between the actual content of the video, and the pop culture element.

Regardless, it was appalling judgement by me. Sincere apologies.

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Anonymous said...

no apology needed for most of your readers. your credibility is high...fuck the Right wing war criminals and thieves. go lukery! you're a legend.