Sunday, June 03, 2007

Military equipment found in Turkish train wreck

Turkish MSNBC (thanks Mizgin)

"Military equipment found in Turkish train wreck: Buyukanit

There has been speculation in the media, denied by Tehran, that a consignment of arms was being sent to Syria from Iran.

The chief of the Turkish general staff has confirmed that military equipment was found amongst the cargo of a freight train that was derailed by a terrorist bomb last week.

General Yasar Buyukanit said that while he would not comment in detail on the allegations that a cache of warms and munitions had been found at the site of the train derailment, he did say that there was military equipment aboard the train.

Claims that a cargo container on train that derailed in south eastern Turkey on May 24 after a terrorist group detonated a mine on the tracks was found to contain weaponry surfaced in the media soon after the incident.

“An investigation is already under way,” Buyukanit said. “If the cars of the train enter the country from the border without undergoing a detailed check, officials do not check them again. There is something wrong here. A car derailed and weapons appeared. It is impossible to say something before the investigation is completed. But I can say that there was military equipment.”"

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Mizgîn said...

More on the weapons from the train, from Ozgur Gundem:

297 rockets

1,032 mortar rounds

762 Dragunov sniper rifles (Kanas)

54 machine guns

135 boxes of "explosive substance" (C4? A4?)

120 boxes of mortar rounds

775 boxes of "military equipment"

And I posted more on that,and other stuff, today.