Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bilderberg group's meeting in Canada

dunno whether you're up on them but the Bilderberg group's meeting in Canada

ps, this used to be a main focus of my interest and real research before and especially after i got online at home in 98--but thanks to bu$hCo, i've mostly forgotten all i used to know about them. lol, i'm like Homer Simpson --i can't learn new shit w/o it pushing old shit outta my head.
urgh - after the shit we've seen in the last 8 years, and knowing that it goes back through iran-contra and before as emptywheel and larisa repeatedly point out - i dont think we can look at 98 as 'history'


rimone said...

proper link to bilderberg meeting

ps, lukery i can't believe you copied my bit about Homer--unfortunately for me, it's true although apart from that, i'm rather a female Bart in real life. *proudtard* :-)

lukery said...

oops - hope that wasnt too cheeky ;-)

rimone said...

nah...i'm an attention whore. :-)