Wednesday, June 07, 2006

godspeed, francine busby

* AP's Solomon gets a reward for his Harry Reid 'reporting'. oh how i hate the AP.

* FeministEconomist has a theory about why mormon states are Bush holdouts:
"That Louisiana was not prepared to take care of itself was tragic, but from the Mormon point of view, that doesn’t mean the federal government was lax in any duties. Bush did not fail in his responsibility, because he had no responsibility, which meant there was no cognitive dissonance for the Mormons."
* Calipendence checks in from the hallowed ground in CA50:
"Low turnout so far for the first half of the day, but I think that Dems are turning out better than others though. In my precinct, there were 99 Dems we were wanting to "check on" who were committed to Francine out of 885 voters. Of those, 11 had already voted at 10:00 AM, and only 42 voters had voted for the whole precinct so far (and keep in mind that I'm not checking the indy voters, etc. that might also be voting for Francine). Do the math. That's 10% of our target voters and less than 5% for everyone overall. And the older people (whom I'm assuming was most of the earlier votes) are the ones supposedly voting for Bilbray!"
he also had a quick chat with Francine Busby. godspeed.


Miguel said...

Heard Norm Ornstein on the radio this morning. He said despite the fact Francine Busby lost, the closeness of the race does not bode well for the GOP.

lukery said...

fingers x'd