Monday, June 12, 2006

zarqawi's autopsy

* passport via rimone: "The Defense Department has released photos of the Zarqawi safe house before and after the blast." there's a big hole.
"this makes no sense to me, that he was spared getting totally blown up, or at least the kinda sense that finding atta's passport (or whomever's it was) and the rest of the intact shit after 9/11 plane crashes; that made no sense to me either"

* jeralyn on zarqawi:
"The U.S. Military runs another delay ruse by us... The autopsy is now complete but the military is not releasing it yet."
i wonder why they are lying.

* nir rosen:
"It took the United States to make Zarqawi who he became. Intent on denying that there was a popular Iraqi resistance to the American project in Iraq, the Americans blamed every attack on Zarqawi and his foreign fighters, and for a while it seemed every car accident in Baghdad was Zarqawi's fault. The truth was that much of Iraq's Sunni population, alienated by the Americans who removed them from power and targeted them en masse during raids, supported and participated in the anti American resistance. Even many Shias claimed resistance. Muqtada Sadr, the most powerful and popular single individual leader in Iraq, led two "intifadas" against the Americans in the spring and summer of 2004, and his men still rest on their laurels, claiming they too took part in the Mukawama, or resistance. But by blaming Zarqawi for everything the Americans created the myth of Zarqawi and aspiring Jihadis throughout the Arab world ate it up and flocked to join his ranks or at least send money. Zarqawi was the one defying the Americans, something their own weak leaders in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria and elsewhere, could not do, having sold out long ago. It was then comical when the Americans released the Zarqawi video out-takes and mocked him for fumbling with a machine gun. Having inflated his reputation they were now trying to deflate it. But it was too late. Jihadis were not going to trust the Americans. Zarqawi had proved how good he was at killing Americans and Shias and evading capture. Whether he was proficient in using a particular machine gun was besides the point, he was very good with bombs, with knives, and certainly successful with his strategy. "

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Kathleen said...

I think the best way to figuyre out what the truth is about anything that Dopey says is to figure out what is exactly 180 degrees opposite from it. The boy is a congenital liar.