Sunday, July 09, 2006

the provenance of the osama tapes

* oldschool in the comments, nervous about the provenance of the osama tapes (I presume):
"There's a commercial currently on TV that, to me, is quite disturbing. It shows a couple of old sports clips. In one, Michael Jordan misses a jump shot at the buzzer which would have won the game, had he only made it. He spins away in disappointment and anger, firing an air punch toward the floor. In another clip, a pass to Dwight Clark of the SF 49'ers slips past him, just grazing his fingertips - again, it would have been a game-winner, and Clark reacts as one would expect, clutching his helmet - doom and gloom.

Here's the thing - that stuff never happened. In reality, Jordan hit the shot, and Dwight Clark made "The Catch" (as it known to SF fans). At the end of the commercial, the real clips are played, showing the true, successful, outcomes. I have no idea how the bogus clips were done - they're perfect. The whole thing creeps me out immensely.

These days I react to what I hear or read with ever increasing skepticism (cynicism?). I'm not at all pleased that I now know I can't believe what I see either. I'd love to know who produced that commercial and where the technology came from - or maybe I wouldn't."


rimone said...

about oldschool's comment:

*runs screaming from room*

let's hope that bu$hCo totally fails if/when trying seems that /so far/ they can 'only' spin well, not fuck w/tech and their reality-fucking skillz depend an awful lot on saying whatever to make it so and ignoring the rest.

lukery said...

apparently saying it is so really is sufficient

damien said...

Everyone knows that airline crashes are more explosive in NY than in Washington or Pennsylvania.

The Pentagon facade collapsed 20 mins after plane impact, and fire engines were there within ten minutes. But don't try to find any firefighters in these official photos.

Mostly the firefighters stand around leaving the Pentagon fires to burn unopposed (even the fires burning 50m away from the impact point).

According to the 9-11 Report, the fires at the Pentagon burned for 72 hours...hardly believable. I came across a photo of the Pentagon from late on the night following the attack which showed fires burning in the inner Pentagon ring areas. Sadly, I've misplaced the photo and the link.

Kathleen said...

Ever since I read that Das Bush sent a Memo to the head of the FBI, right after he mouthed his oath of office, ordering him to lighten up on Bin Laden, I have not believed a word they say about any of this and figure I'll be ahead of the game if I start with the assumption that it's a lie.

Reading Imperial Hubris just makes it clear that OBL and our dealings with him and the Taliban are good reason to doubt what is spouted as true.

lukery said...

damien - those photos are sweet.