Tuesday, July 11, 2006

conversations with family members

we get mail:
"hmmmm HIghly intelligent Blog So glad i stopped by. *not* XP I supposed it never crossed your mind to engage in coversation with people who have different opinions? Did you happen to know that Chronic Stupid's Father is a decorated Soldier? Or that his Brother recently returned from a tour in Iraq, and is planning to return next year? I suppose not, that would require coming up with your own thoughts, no copying and pasting available *lol*

Thanks for the laugh though. Made me smile :)
jeebus - i have conversations with family members that make more sense than that.


rimone said...

oy...chronic stoopit really /is/...and again, he was so not glad he stopped by that he took the time to comment.

in other news, lukery, i command you to quit posting forEVuh cause someone who claims he has a dad who's a 'decorated Soldier' and a vet/bro in Iraq, um...wait a minute.

what the FUCK is his point?

Don said...

With all due respect to HazMatt, I'm certain his veteran relations could inform him that when you walk into a situation shooting, you should expect the people there to shoot back. If he had a point to make, or wanted to "engage in coversation with people who have different opinions", his approach was the wrong one.

I'm certain that they as vets could also advise him that while war is sometimes necessary, its cost in the blood of good men and women should render it an option of last resort. On one point, I agree with him: Wars have been waged in the past for damn good reasons. This debacle in Iraq is, IMHO, not among those conflicts.

And while Haggie is certainly entitled to her opinion, HazMatt brought the response upon himself with his initial insulting approach. Implying that he should rely on others' reputations to absolve you of your own gaffes is a cheap attempt at deflecting the responsibiltiy for it. Every soldier I know would be laughing their ass off at that.

You want to talk, let's talk. You want to sling shit, have fun. We'll be talking. Come join us when you're ready.

lukery said...


Listen Up!