Tuesday, July 11, 2006

i have 4 brothers. one of them has kids. i haven't seen the nephews since 2001 cos they live in a different country. that sucks - but i have photos of them all over my place - and i occasionally speak to them on the phone. they call me uncle luke which is really cute.

in other news, i recently wrote:
this blog is lucky to have a reader and occasional commentor 'simon'
he is very smart
read simon, be smarter.
simon detailed some of his background here and was part of the Yearly Lukery festival (speaking of the self referential spiral that we have been sucked into lately)

I can confidently state that Simon's analytical ability and familiarity with the subject material is equal to emptywheel and eriposte. and not that it means anything particularly in our universe, but simon also literally handled nukes on fighter planes in the mid east. even more impressively, he can quote the Butler report at a hundred paces - and can challenge, learn from, and teach emptywheel. they've had a number of interesting, useful conversations here at my place.

way back in the yearly lukery days, i wrote:
i have no doubt the world would be better if you (Miguel and Simon) both had your own blogs - but in the meantime, mi casa, su casa
coming full circle from the story about my nephews (and putting an end to the tortured analogy) today i proudly announce that i have blog spawn. Simon is now blogging at JUDITH MILLER AND DR DAVID KELLY AND THE MISSING IRAQI WMD - I'm not sure whether he is planning on doing some general blogging like i do or if he has a specific interest in mind.

regardless, i was wrong when i wrote:
i have no doubt the world would be better if you had your own blog - but in the meantime, mi casa, su casa
regardless of whether simon has his own blog, mi casa is still su casa - but i stand by the first part of that statement. the world is a better place as of today - and i wish simon all the best - and i hope to learn a lot over at his new digs.

go learn stuff.


Simon said...


Many many thanks for your kind words and your much appreciated support for my entry into the blogosphere. Got to correct you on one small point tho, I didn't actually work on nuke-armed planes in the Middle East, that had been in Europe before I went out there. But that's by the by. Hopefully we can collect a decent crew for the new site and together explore all that we can collectively discover and uncover. I won't be running away from here tho, it's the primest spot for all the best bits of the day from everywhere else. Keep up the good work! With my highest regards, Simon.

lukery said...

all the best my friend.