Wednesday, August 02, 2006

coming down

* driftglass, CDSM1:
"I would be heartened if “looking into the abyss” had actually chastened these punk-assed Pinochets but it so clearly hasn’t. They will not take an ounce of responsibility for the wreck they have made, nor step away from the rhetoric of “critic = heretic” that keeps the pig people who prop up their party squealing with delight.

And they never will.

So fuck ‘em. Their sun is setting and the shadows are long, and when the accounting comes, we must demand that it be meted out in full, ferocious measure. Pegged to the exchange rate they themselves set: If a blowjob is worth an impeachment, surely lying, spying, denying and sending other people's kids out to do your dying is worth hard time in a stone room.

But I'll settle for trials. Endless, humiliating, public, splashy, mutual rat-out trials."

* driftglass on Tom Friedman. CDSM2:

"Because a pillar propping up the mad blood circus of the last three-and-one-half years has been intellectual bulwark that hacks like Friedman have give the Bush Administration. Friedman has provided ideological cover fire for bad men doing bad things -- badly -- and now he wants to skip out on paying the tab.

[]... by handing over the imprimatur of your alleged regional expertise and the firepower of the New York Times, you gave them respectability. You backed these clowns. You clad their naked dishonesty and depravity in your cozy words.


Which is a long way of saying that seeing Captain Obvious trying to skate on his tab for cheerleading this debacle pissed me off more than somewhat.

That from high atop his mountain of books and columns, guest shots and fame and cash, he could not stand up and man-up even enough to slip a little ampoule of mea culpa into the fatty hamburger of homilies like, “Listening is Good” and “Hating us more that you love you children…is crazy.”"

(I'm a bit late with this. sorry.)

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