Monday, August 07, 2006

Diane Urbin, AntiWar and AntiBush

* kathleen:
"There is a little known Repug candidate in CT., Scleshinger, but a woman, Diane Urbin, a State Rep, who is AntiWar and AntiBush, is circulating petitions to challenge for the Repug nomination.

If she succeeds in getting the required signatures, there'll be a primary on the GOP side too. "
she has more
thnx kath.

* more kathleen:
"Speaking further of polls, would you like a little backstory on David Broder's story and comments on Joe Duffey losing to Republican candidate Lowell Weicker, in a three way race in 1970?

At the time that I was working for Gene McCrthy, Abe Riicoff, Joe Duffey,Caucus of CT.Dems, I was an affluent housewife and mother in Westport,CT. My husband was a New York City Disc Jockey and Newscaster at a major radio station. He also was a T.V.commercial announcer at a time when t.v. was coming into its fore as a medium of influence in marketing of products and candidates.He did so many campaign spots for Senator Jacob javits, I used to say our house was the house that Jale built. I had an insder's view of the process of selling products and candidates.

At the same time, I was continuing my undergraduate work at Sarha lswrence studying amoung other things, a course clled Mass Persuasion,taught by charles Siepman, National President of the ACLU and had just completed a 13 segment Omnibus documentary series on the Consitution. he was also a social Psychologist who cracked Nazi codes.

The course covered brainwashing techniques, known as marketing/propoganda.

The whole science of polling was new in public opinion, Frank Gallop was the only one of national note and his polls were very shallow, measuring only the top 10% of consicousness, the part that changes with daily events. In the field, there was one who was considered the best, Tully Plesser, in Cambridge, MA. for in depth polling.

I mentioned Plesser to JoeDuffey and we contaced him he came up and met with us. We made an agreement for him to do our polling, 50 big ones. I was happy.

Then big change. We got a call Pleeser had been Nixon's pollster and he forbid Plesser to work with us.

Duffey's opponent, Lowell Weikcer had the benefit of Republican polling data, then went on to be the one who called for the Watergate Invewstigation. He who laughs last, laughs, best."
yep. kathleen rocks.


rimone said...

oh i triple what i said in my last comment about wanting to pick her brain.

Kathleen, i hope you're thinking of writing a book.

Kathleen said...

LeeB is trying to talk me into writing a book. She says she'll help because I really am a TechnoDunce. You don't think all this tuff is too dry bones?

Don said...

Kathleen, from the little I've seen, I have no doubt your autobio would be a helluva read.

lukery said...

can i get a signed copy???

oldschool said...

Oh yes, write that book absolutely.

You're a rockstar, thus you must write it. It's the law; there are no exceptions. Trust me - I know about these things.

May I join Luke on the list of those who get a signed copy?

lukery said...

(only trust oldschool if he is running a fever.)

(oldschool is running a fever.)

oldschool said...

For just the tiniest fraction of a second there, I had a thought about writing my own autobiography. But it occurs to me that there would be no way to keep it from reading as a comedy.

That doesn't work, methinks.

But on the bright side, yes, my fever's humming along quite nicely, thanks.

LeeB said...

Hey, y'all!

Thanks for jumping in with the encouragement for the book idea. I was running out of sales pitches. I've started a file of Kathleen's emailed stories. Looks like I'd better start collecting them from everywhere.

Please feel free to send your favorites to me at baxtl at hotmail dot com. Put something helpful in the subject line (like "for Kathleen's book") to help me rescue them from the spam filter and I'll add them to the pile. There's no point in sending them to her . . . she loses them as fast as she sends them.

. . . and Oldschool? . . . . We desperately NEED a comedy, so get after it, okay?

lukery said...

old school - i thuoght i might publish my diary.

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tuesday: i read, blog, wept
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