Friday, August 18, 2006

Judy Miller. Fake anthrax.

* our resident Judy Miller expert chimes in re teh anthrax:
Important detail about what damien wrote. There may be two strands, but Judy didn't get either of them. While the powder the Senators and the real newsmen got did test positive as anthrax, hers didn't. She got confectioners sugar.

Which, while we're donning our tinfoil anew on this issue, ought to raise a red flag. If you're trying to use the anthrax attacks to keep fear levels high, having a friendly journalist tell the story of the fear of receiving anthrax is a nice touch. (Note, unlike the other newsmen beyond Stevens, Judy opened the envelope of "anthrax" herself.)
good point. thnx ew.

* LeeB:
"Do you suppose that the Dems keep saying the idea of impeachment is just nonsense is a strategery to calm the neocon twits and their Talibangelist base long enough to turn the tables? I'm having a very difficult time wrapping my head around the notion that impeaching the bastards for all their crimes is "nonsense" when I look at what these same neocons did to Bill Clinton over nothing!"
it certainly is a strategery. and i'm not sure it is a smart one. karl rove kept boxing their heads just a few short months ago - remember that? - when Rush and FoxNews et al ran around screaming that a Dem House would lead to impeachment. It was remarkable. Meanwhile, John Conyers has already written, and published, the entire case :-)

* meanwhile, Rimone says:
"i don't wanna drag the authorities down on your or my heads but for the last few years i've been wondering how come some doomed person (doomed by knowing they have some life-threatening disease and aren't long for this world) hasn't already snuck into a repub-only event and a John Wilkes Booth."
and adds:
"lukery, feel free to delete this if it makes you uncomfortable--i wouldn't blame you one bit."
Delete it? Front-paged, baby.


LeeB said...

(Heh . . . good job f/p-ing Rimone.)

Now, down to business . . .

Several times over the past few weeks Thom Hartmann (AAR) has made a point of mentioning the rapid sinking of KKKarl and FAUX's shriek that electing Dems would lead to impeachment. He loves it -- the polls show something like 60% of Americans (not just Dems) APPROVE of impeachment, so the thugs dropped that line like a hot potato.

Also, when Harper's had the discussion forum in NYC on the publication of Lewis Lapham's demand for impeachment (March 2006), I believe it was Liz Holtzman who said that the Dem-controlled Congress was not interested in impeaching Nixon and that the movement to do so was driven by the populace. She was there and wrote the Articles of Impeachment against Nixon. She went on to say that when the people demand it, impeachment will then rise to the top of the agenda.

November will be the first big step toward that end and it appears Rovie figured he had better STFU. :-) Members of the so-called pundit class keep repeating the "impeachment is nonsense" meme in hopes that they can make it be true.

It's up to us to make sure they don't succeed with that crap.

noise said...

Judy gets an antrax letter of somekind.

She was involved in the Plame case.

She was involved in the WMD issue.

She sat on a 9/11 story.

Oh yeah. She cowrote a book on bio-terrorim and had email correspondence w/David Kelly shortly before he died.

You can probably see that red flag from space.

LeeB said...

"You can probably see that red flag from space."


And it's a high-tech, flashing-on-and-off flag, too!


Surely we must be fast approaching some kind of critical mass that is going to bring this house of cards crashing down, and SOON. I cannot believe they have lasted this long. Damn.

lukery said...

noise - thnx - fp'd


LeeB - i can't believe that we didnt reach the tipping point years ago. i suspect that we are gonna have to endure even more.

rimone said...

i think we all would've reached the tipping point if the past six years hasn't thrown so many distractions at many are struggling to keep their two or three jobs to put food on the table, among other more horrendous distractions.

LeeB said...

Rimone - BINGO!

This is another theme that Hartmann has been pushing for quite some time. Sen. Byron Dorgan has a new book out on the subject (Take This Job and Ship It: How Corporate Greed and Brain Dead Politics Are Selling Out America. Thom's own book (Screwed: The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class) was just released yesterday.

The machine-gun rapidity of rolling out one outrage after another is a strategy to deflect attention from their various methods of robbing the rest of us. This, of course, does not take anything away from the specific destructive purpose of any specific outrage.

rimone said...

i'd love to have the money to distill Thom Hartmann's thingy down into a film to be seen by one and all.

not that i have anything against books (one o' my fave drugs), it's just i believe a lot more would wake up to the horrors if they were documented in film form.

sorry, but at this point in time, i really don't have faith in most americans' intelligence but i do know that films are more apt to be digested than books. unfortunately for US and what's left of our collective IQ.

so so true, LeeB: The machine-gun rapidity of rolling out one outrage after another is a strategy to deflect attention from their various methods of robbing the rest of us.

i saved this quote lifted from Washinton Monthly last fall:

'Trying to explain to your average remarkably uninformed American sheep-person about how the Republicans are able to loot the nation's coffers while simultaneously destroying lives and America's reputation overseas without anyone seeming to care about it only results in glazed looks and mumbles of "conspiracy nut." Eventually, the radical extremists and their techniques will be fully exposed, but only in the history books.'

LeeB said...

Rimone, I quite agree with you about the movies as being the best way to reach the non-obsessed. They seem to be the best way around the gate-keepers, i.e., the mainstream media, that is actually part of the neocon machine, having long ago sold it's soul for consolidation and FCC "reforms."

I don't know if anybody has made any of Thom's stuff into a movie yet, but the one published last winter on the JFK assassination may be a candidate for that treatment.

On a happier note, however, in my travels around this area, more and more I encounter people who are ready, at the drop of a hint, to spew forth their own outraged observations. It gives me hope that the tide really is turning.

(and Thom is available in audio if a person doesn't run out of disk space or CD's upon which to preserve it - LOL)

rimone said...

LeeB: is there a link, please, for the JFK film? or a link to buy it?

LeeB said...

Thom's website is here.

The JFK book, Ultimate Sacrifice, is linked on the front page under "Thom's latest (2005/2006), and I see also there ARE a couple of movies also mentioned farther down the page.

JFK? Not yet. I have my fingers crossed, however, that some high-profile movie-maker will find it too tempting to ignore. The link provided on Thom's front page takes you to the ubiquitous where you will find the official description plus over a hundred reader reviews of the book.

rimone said...

thanks for the link, LeeB. on a more personal note, the JFK killing began me on my own personal road to ruin after i read 'rush to judgment' when i was 16 and began to question the government's official story.

i'd been winning these bullshit scholarship awards up until then but after reading the book, i started argueing w/my teachers about JFK and Oswald, and my grades went down to the basement.

even though i know a lot of it is fictional, i still cry when i watch 'JFK', mostly cause i feel our entire country lost a lot, which right now, i can't put into words. but i'm convinced--we lost more than the president.

lukery said...

i'm not a JFK expert - but i suspect that some of you will appreciate the 'irony' that jfk was murdered and 43 hasnt been. what a fucking crazy world.

rimone said...

yes, lukery, i'm w/you on that. utterly amazing to me.