Wednesday, September 27, 2006

tyrannical powers in the president

* tpmm:
"Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) is introducing a measure that would force a House vote on whether or not to require the Bush administration to release controversial secret reports by the intelligence community on Iraq and terrorism.

The measure would call for the release of both the secret April 2006 report, known as a National Intelligence Estimate, that is said to conclude the Iraq war has increased the danger of terrorism, as well as a separate classified report on the state of Iraq first mentioned by Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) in comments this morning."

* glenn:
"Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., recognizes how profoundly dangerous and -- as he rightly says -- "un-American" are the powers of indefinite detention to be bestowed on President Bush by the pending interrogation legislation. His whole statement (via Corrente), made before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, ought to be read in its entirety, but here is one of the critical excerpts:
"Today we are belatedly addressing the single most consequential provision of this much-discussed bill, a provision that can be found buried on page 81 of the proposed bill. This provision would perpetuate the indefinite detention of hundreds of individuals against whom the government has brought no charges and presented no evidence, without any recourse to justice whatsoever. That is un-American, and it is contrary to American interests.

"Going forward, the bill departs even more radically from our most fundamental values. It would permit the president to detain indefinitely -- even for life -- any alien, whether in the United States or abroad, whether a foreign resident or a lawful permanent resident, without any meaningful opportunity for the alien to challenge his detention. The administration would not even need to assert, much less prove, that the alien was an enemy combatant; it would suffice that the alien was "awaiting [a] determination" on that issue. In other words, the bill would tell the millions of legal immigrants living in America, participating in American families, working for American businesses, and paying American taxes, that our government may at any minute pick them up and detain them indefinitely without charge, and without any access to the courts or even to military tribunals, unless and until the government determines that they are not enemy combatants."
I doubt there is any bill enacted in recent history that explicitly vests such tyrannical powers in the president."

* glenn:
"If large and important parts of the NIE can be safely declassified and known by the American public, why were they classified in the first place? And why have they been kept classified since April? Obviously, the NIE is being declassified now only because the White House needs a political defense to the New York Times article reporting that the NIE concluded that the war in Iraq worsened the terrorist threat. But it is really amazing just how transparent the White House is being about the fact that it routinely conceals information as "classified" not because it is secret but because it is politically damaging. What other explanation even theoretically accounts for this behavior?"

* juancole:
"I mean, the United States is a peculiarly insular society in which the reference points are very much internal. If a Republican senator or congressman isn't saying something, then it's very difficult to say it and have it be heard"

* uranus:
"Another thing I thought about is how much things have changed with how national tragedies are handled. If Lincoln were assassinated today, guys in suits would swear everyone in the theater to secrecy, burn down the theater, blame it on a foreign enemy and start a war. Back then, everyone knew who did it and why, and the perpetrators met swift justice. Story over."

* whatever happened to Leopold's scoop that was sposed to appear a couple of weeks ago?


damien said...

lol.terrific analogy Uranus.funny.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Damien, thanks for the flowers. The last we heard of Leopold, he was in DC, smiling and headed into a courthouse. He may have been shipped overseas. More likely he rediscovered the Risk of Telling Fortunes. Evil is contagious, but free thinking is far more contagious. If you can inspire a little free thinking in a few people, you can make a large contribution in the world.

damien said...

I'm not so much into the JFK stuff personally. But I really like your social commentary. Keep it up mate(that's an Aussie term signifying social acceptance -normally accompanied by a beer - I'll open a bar tab for you. Cheers.)

Superteemu said...

Dr. Doofus speaks: "because of our successes against the leadership of al-Qaeda, the enemy is becoming more diffuse and independent."

Hooray! We have succesfully metastasized terror cells! I'm dying to wait our next move...

Superteemu said...

For the record, with "metastasized terror cells", I wasn't this time refering to those Diebold e-voting machines.

lukery said...

uranus: "free thinking is far more contagious"
i wish that were so.

teemu - brilliant. fp'd

lukery said...

damien: "I'm not so much into the JFK stuff personally. But I really like your social commentary. Keep it up mate"

yeah - thnx uranus. i've been so busy i've hardly hard time to thank you - or even read and/or comment on your posts. i really dont know much about the JFK thing either - but i strongly suspect that stuff is directly related to what is going on today.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

I don't remember where I read it or I'd go looking for it, but someone wrote that John, Jr. was thinking seriously about running in 2000, and unsealing the Warren report was a big personal motivation for him. Bush, Sr., who was working his way up in the CIA in 1963, did not want that to happen, even almost 40 years later. There was a rumor John's plane was shot down. Although it was recovered, I never saw a picture of it. The official story is there's no mystery, the plane iced up in heavy overcast and John's instrument skills weren't everything they should have been. I know a little about flying, and instrument flying isn't too hard to master with a little practice; but, you couldn't get me to fly a single engine plane in that part of the world in bad weather.

I'd have that cool one! I love to drink, but I was so prolific I had to give it up at 28, and still have a very toxic reaction. It's the greatest tragedy of my life. Anyway...some of this stuff I write seems rather over the edge, but the point is what passes as legitimate news on so many subjects wouldn't have passed judgment where I studied journalism for lack of attributation. If politicians won't say and reporters don't question it, it isn't real news. As a news writer I had ocassion to interview people who acted like their bullshit was secret, and I told them readers wouldn't understand if they couldn't do better. They hated me, but the office staff loved it. Thanks for letting me write, Luke. This site stays very on purpose and isn't haunted by untalented opportunists like so many sites whose URLs I won't mention.

rimone said...

as i've said before, the JFK thing started me off on the road to personal anguish and ruin.

Uranus: what Damien said, excellent analogy.

about Leopold, they prolly blackbagged him (as they did in VfV).

«—U®Anu§—» said...

I thought about writing to Leopold but didn't. If anyone wants to, the link is in the footnote bio under his articles at Truthout. They've modified their site in recent days and removed the "Town Meeting" forum and diaries. I thought about asking what's up, but didn't do that either. With Rove's history of scaring as many people as possible, let your conscience be your guide regarding Leopold. It's all troubling, but just another day in the life of Bush's America.

rimone said...

Uranus: just another day in the life of Bush's America.

that's why i never spell it that way in reference to him/them. AFAIC, we've become amerika.