Friday, January 26, 2007

Will Israel bomb Iran?

* teemu:
"Speaking of Iran ad campaign, you should see BBC's This World documentary "Will Israel bomb Iran?", produced by Noam Shalev and aired Oct 10. 2006. 44 mins of Israeli leaders speaking of nazi-iran / wipe-off-the-map / holocaust-II / osirak / no-alternatives / faster-please!, and one minute of Iran UN envoy denying allegations. Visuals: fighter aircraft porn and satellite images of Bushehr. I wonder if/when it airs on US. (psst, I may have it on DVD)

Re: Alterman / Hrant Dink in media: Don't know of other european countries, but here Dink murder was A1 news, and still today "a look at foreign media" section of main radio news broadcast was devoted exclusively to stories about Dink. I guess it weighs more here due to current talk of possible EU membership of Turkey."
* wapoA1:
"It is unclear whether the first week of the trial will help or hurt Libby or the administration. But the trial has already pulled back the curtain on the White House's PR techniques and confirmed some of the darkest suspicions of the reporters upon whom they are used. Relatively junior White House aides run roughshod over members of the president's Cabinet. Bush aides charged with speaking to the public and the media are kept out of the loop on some of the most important issues. And bad news is dumped before the weekend for the sole purpose of burying it.

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