Sunday, July 24, 2005

is john roberts gay? or just french?

further to my post about john roberts and contraception - i thought id check to see how long he was married for before they had their first kid - just out of a perverse interest to see whether they had actually consummated their marriage for the first gazillion years... or if they were bending the rules the way catholics do (in secret), or if they were murdering fetuses the way catholics do (in secret)

heres the wiki entry:
"Roberts lives in Bethesda, Maryland. Both he and his wife, Jane Marie Sullivan Roberts, are Catholics who attend the Little Flower Parish in Bethesda. Roberts has three sisters—Kathy, Peggy, and Barbara—and is the second oldest of his siblings. The Robertses have two children, Josephine ("Josie") and Jack, both of whom were adopted. Jack's dancing during Bush's White House introduction of his father brought the four-year-old international media attention. Jane Roberts was previously the vice-president of Feminists for Life, a feminist pro-life organization that opposes abortion and the death penalty."

firstly, its refreshing to see that mrs roberts doesnt like the death penalty. good on her! so refreshing these days.
secondly, it doesnt mention when they got married, so i havent answered my question.
thirdly, they dont have any 'natural' children. my heart goes out to anyone's whose reproductive system doesnt work as well as they'd like.

* here's a snippet from his AP bio:
"FAMILY — Wife, Jane; son, John, and daughter, Josephine.
QUOTE — "Roe v. Wade is the settled law of the land. ... There's nothing in my personal views that would prevent me from fully and faithfully applying that precedent.''"

firstly, if he thinks that roe is settled, will he get a rebuke from panzapope and refused communion like they did to kerry?
secondly, im having all sorts of trouble finding details about when he got married and all that. isnt he a family values kinda guy? was he a bachelor till he was forty or something? amongst all the hagiography thats been floating around why arent they ranting about his wonderful family background?

ahhh - i just found a snippet
"Johnny G. had his (wedding) announcement published (in the nyt) back on July 28th 1996, the day after their ceremony."
im not sure if its standard practise to announce your wedding after your wedding or not, but there you go.

lets go back to wikipedia:
* Roberts graduated first in the class of 23 from La Lumiere, a small, all-male Catholic boarding school
* He studied six years of Latin and some French
* He also wrestled
* He was co-editor of the student newspaper
* He also took part in choir and drama.
* he *served under* President George H.W. Bush
* he wears black dresses

you know where im going with this.

he was single till he was 41, then he realised that he needed the proper accoutrements (he DOES speak french) to get ahead - so he got himself a pinkfrocked frau-frau and borrowed a couple of kids from someone. (remember, this was before mehlman's ground-breaking career)

he can be honest to his 'faith' (in the way only repug hypocrites can be) - cos he doesnt use any 'protection' (with his wifey). the catholics like to spin themselves into a ball by saying that they use the rhythm method - aka - not having sex when it might result in pregnancy. the roberts family are cautious types and recognise that mistakes are possible, and therefore they never have sex (together). but mr roberts needed a family for career purposes, so he went and got a potemkin family.

lets play a game for the next three months - lets see whether it is ever mentioned in the media that he got married at 41 (including any mention of his wedding date), or any mention that his kids are adopted.

perhaps mike rogers will get on the job


ftr - of course:
a) my heart goes out to people who want to have babies and cant for one reason or other
b) i have a lot of respect for people who adopt kids - *particularly* people who chose to adopt when they could have kids naturally.
c) theres nothing wrong with being unmarried at any age
d) its only the hypocrisy that drives me mad
e) this is mostly satire

it would totally drive me crazy if roberts got his dirty hands on womens reproductive rights or gay rights for *any* reason - but if his stupid fucking religion is the cause, then he can go to hell. if his personal experience is the justification ('my wife and i want babies but we cant for some physical reasons, therefore others who can have babies shouldnt 'squander' that opportunity') then he can go to hell. if his repressed gayness is the cause, then he can go to the special repuglican circle of hell. if it is typical repuglican misogyny, he can head straight for the same circle. and if its typical repuglican opportunism, then he should go to that special circle.

my preferred goal of course, is that the entire usg gets put on ice until the impeachment and we can start returning to some sense of normality. sandra day has promised to stay till a replacement is appointed - i hope she is there till the end of the bush presidency, whenever that is. lets freeze roberts outta the picture - either cos he is too gay or cos he is too straight or cos he is stupid or cos he has a nanny problem or whatever.

if i hear Roberts say 'family values' just once, he's probably be a candidate for nomicide


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